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Sometimes my Period Kicks my ass :(

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“It’s that time of the month” ….

Personally I hate this phrase… like honestly I call it what it is, no reason to be embarrassed by it, it’s a fact of life and natural part of life and I am not ashamed that at this point in time I do indeed have my period/I am menstruating . Now this being said if you came up to me on the street it’s not like I’ll be like, “Hi my Name is ____ and right now I have my period.”

Now even though I am not embarrassed by my period it’s not like I’m best friend with it either. I have the pleasure of being in extreme pain “at that time of the month” I’m talking back pain to the nines that even some prescription pills don’t make go away, not only back pain but crazy intense cramping as well. Basically at least for 2/5 days I am bed ridden or walking around like there is a stick up my ass. This happens more often than not and seriously messes up my day! Take today for example, I feel like complete shit, back pain makes me immobile and the cramps are not helping. Also on my period I am either super hungry like im high or something, OR I feel like throwing up all the time. I was supposed to work today and there is a social committee meeting this shift, which i will be unable to attend, which seriously pisses me off! Now I know I can skip menstruating by using birth control pills/patches/needles but I choose not to. Not because I enjoy the pain, but because there are side effects from doing this, and because I had an extremely tough time finding a pill that actually worked for me, both regulating my cycle and reduce cramping. I have “skipped” once or twice and there were no severe side effects. Now I have tried everything from reducing salt and sugar in my diet to ease the cramping pain, as well as prescription pain pills and changing my birth control pill. Sometimes a cycle is better than another, but not always (or today), hence the title of this post.

I guess the purpose for this post is my rant about how sometimes even though your period is “supposed to be a beautiful thing” and you should be proud of becoming a woman, which I agree with, I would like to reiterate my earlier point, WE ARE NOT BEST FRIENDS. I don’t choose to go to a dance or dinner with Aunt Flow on a regular basis, honestly I wish I could push a button and be like ok awesome I’m not pregnant I have my period, and then re-push the button and its done. Wouldn’t that make life so much easier? Save money on tampons, pads and maybe even sheets when that inevitable leak comes to call?!?! Honestly I think that in a way you could tie menstruating into the strength factor os women over men. Granted certain ways one gender usually trumps the other. But I think that women being blessed with the ability to have children is both awesome and at times unforgivably painful.

Dear Men: Yes we want you to sympathize, but in no way does that mean using the phrase, “I know how you must feel, getting hit in the balls hurts bad too”. Now I realize that these two are incomparable painful feelings. First because a man will never experience a period and a woman will never experience being hit in the balls, but for my comfort here I am going to say that period cramps and everything painful that comeswith it is similar in the respect of pain, but that is where the similarity ends. I think that in some ways getting hit in the balls would be a walk in the park compared to what I go through on a monthly basis. This being said I would still like you to rub my back, offer me tea and massage me feet to try to help me with the pain I am currently in, but please do not compare the pain to what you think it would be like, and I promise I wont either. And yes I’ll try to make you feel better if you get hit in the balls and I am there… LOVE YOU :)


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  1. It’s nice to see that there are women like you who do take time to consider staying away from hormonal (and thus, period)-altering drugs. I know there’s always an allure to it and even some of my girl-friends who aren’t sexually active, use BC as a way to control their periods. I always tell them to really take time to research into it before diving it. Yes, I am understanding that periods aren’t exactly the most wonderful feeling in the world, yet, bodies were given to us in a natural form so unless an issue is something that may cause death, it’s best to let the body handle it in its own way.

    See, women like you who step back to look at their period in a semi or fully positive way or at least appreciate menstruation for all it is is very rare. Whenever I hear a girl-friend of mine complain about their period, I always give them a smile and remind them they have the ability to bring forth life in this world, a beautiful blessing nonetheless (minus those who DON’T want get get pregnant).

    I don’t disagree with your statement about simply not comparing degrees of pain. The only way I can even think of a person who has any right to say whether period cramps or getting kicked in the nuts is more painful is if they had both and the nerves are no different than those born with singular genitalia to make a rightful comparison.

    The male and female body is a wonder on its own and males and females have advantages and disadvantages in its own ways. I enjoy girls who are open about their periods because it gives us guys a chance to learn and educate ourselves on matters we will never experience. Many guys are unfortunately objectionable towards even a hint that a girl might be on her period or that menstruation even exists because it makes them puke. Learning from textbooks is not enough and learning between male-to-male peers often simply spread misinformation. Anecdotal experiences from willing and open-minded females allow us to truly understand the realities of periods, not simply the minuscule amount we learn in school about menstruation.

    • Thank-you for your comment :)
      I’ve checked out your blog although I have to confess at first i was shocked and maybe a little weirded out I think what your blog signifies is awesome and is a great idea!
      Hope you read more (even if it doesnt have to do with periods) and let me know what you think.. I love getting comments about what i write.


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